ORR Cycling
Exceptional Speed for Everyday Riders

What We Do

ORR Cycling specializes in Carbon Wheel Systems for Everyday Speed! We offer a full line of carbon fiber bicycle wheels built with aerodynamics, light weight, stiffness and speed in mind, without breaking the bank!

Our Wheels

ORR Carbon Wheel Systems are hand built with the everyday riders in mind! Aerodynamic carbon rims, aero spokes, high quality light weight hubs, all combined to make a light weight yet stiff wheel. At 36mm, 60mm, or 80mm rim depths you can chose the option best for your riding. Today’s carbon technology offers both strength and stiffness needed for speed. Deep rims, hand built with SAPIM CX-RAY Spoke ... the more aero your wheels are the faster you are.

Why upgrade wheels?

Carbon wheel upgrades are the simplest thing you can do to your bike to increase your speed. A bike can be made lighter by replacing many parts but until you reduce the spinning weight of the wheel you will not see the results of that weight loss. Combine the reduced weight with the increase in aerodynamics of carbon rims and you see an increase in speed.

Exceptional Speed for Everyday Riders
Orr Cycling
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